Jumat, 07 Oktober 2011

The Three Sisters

Today, I received an Australian postcard from my pen-pal, Mr Don Graham. He sent postcard with portrial of Three Sisters in Blue Mountains, New South Wales.

On the back, it's written this description:
The Three Sisters formation is 30 km west of Springwood and is the most visited tourist destination in the Blue Mountains. The Blue Mountains were eroded by rivers, ice, and rain from a massive slab of sandstone that was uplifted a million years ago. On the left of the first sister you can see a little bridge that leads to the "Giant's Stairway" which descend 300 m via 861 steps to a walking track at the base of the escarpment.

The Blue haze that gives the Blue Mountains their colour and their name, result from the scattering of the sun's rays by tiny droplets of oil that evaporates from the leaves of the eucalypt forest. This eucalyptus oil forms a fine mist above the canopy of the forest and ignites in a bush fire, spreading the fire ahead of the trees and undergrowth burning below the forest canopy. Most native Australian trees have evolved to regenerate after the bush fire has passed. Many have seed pods that do not ("one word was missed") unless they have been in a fire. The ash from the fire fertilises the new plants.


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