Rabu, 26 Februari 2014

Short Letter on Origami Day

We have made paper-bird in work desk, front desk, family room, pantry, till mushola.Yeah, everywhere. We got crazy of origami

February 26th, 2014.

On this couple days, we made a lot of happiness. Suddenly we have so many paper-birds in each of our desk. One of you bought a pack of origami paper and I prefer to recycling unused paper. We taught each other how to made it when there was a trouble in our office electricity maintenance. It is a gift because my manager not only taught me how to made a good drawing plan, an effective structure and design, or well addendum counting. He also taught me how to made origami, such as bird, frog, or motor boat. It seem just like we repeated our kindergarten moment. To be a child is to be happy every time ticked.

I cannot believe that today was exactly my six monthlyversary with all of you. All of my another parents, brothers, and sisters.

I still remember how was my first day among all of you; how was my manager introduced me and all of you; how was I got my first duty; how was we discussed and criticize what we have did; how was we went to field project; how was we tapped an unfinished stair; how was we walked along the residence street and entered house one by one; how was we celebrate our special moment; and the last one is how was all of you have had a piece of brave to bullied me! Sometime it kicked me out of my self. But the most is, it made me happy as all of you raise my face blooming and tick that you got me as your family.

Yesterday evening I trapped in office for a reason: heavy rain. Me and some of my brothers sat down in family room, looking rainfall beyond our office. We told each other, we ate together. And one of you asked me how was my days through six months in this lovely place.

It is unbelievable that I still stand up here.

Yes, you know it because we were not counted on price but we keep the family value. You will not find an office with this humble family. As we laugh together in every kiddings and prank we made. As we threw a bag of flour, a pail of water, and an egg to his/her body on birthday of our friend. As we walk to the basement when feel tired or bored and we play table-tennis. As we bought some snacks and compete to eat it. As we received a lot of cover letter and documents, then we open, watch, and read it together. As we pray together, as we made a wish together.

As we hold another hands.

Thanks for have born me to this amazing world, Allah. I thank to you for have believed in me as one of your khalifah in this earth. I promise, I will always walk and see Your Miracle. I love You, Allah...

|i am counting down to Thursday (27/02) morning, my second blazering day.|

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  1. ah... paper crane... that reminds me of my old office where my colleagues and I made lots of paper cranes during work hours :)