Minggu, 10 Juli 2011

Solo Batik Carnival: When The Main Road Suddenly Became a City Plaza

Saturday night at 25th of June 2011, Solo –the spirit of Java, held a year big event. It was called Solo Batik Carnival. Held every year, mostly at mid-year. Solo Batik Carnival performing a carnival based on local culture especially ‘batik’. It was held in the main road of Solo: Slamet Riyadi Street, start at Purwosari train station and finish at Balaikota Surakarta.

In usual day, Slamet Riyadi Street was one of most busy street in Solo. Slamet Riyadi was main road in the center of city, connecting some part of city strategically. When Solo Batik Carnival held, the road is closed. Those area became a long and wide city plaza. Many people is gathering there with their family, their friend, or just came alone. Everyone looks very happy that time. Smile everywhere. Children run happily across the street without any parents worrying.

Here it is the atmosphere of Slamet Riyadi Street when the people waiting for carnival.

Oh yeaaa… this moment is also be a great gathering family time. Like this one "police and his little daughter" (entry below).

It is some captures of this Solo Batik Carnival event. So amazing… But I realized that I missed one frame, it is our “Solo’s Prince William”, Mr Jokowi, the regent of Solo City.

Overall, Solo Batik Carnival is still very amazing event that exploring a noble Javanese culture. Solo: the spirit of Java! Yeay.

And now, I waiting for another culture event: Yogyakarta Art Festival… and Solo International Performing Art.

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